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Well done to the team for all the hard work on our film Bad Day at the Office. Alongside an enviable list of global festivals, we are now officially entered into the BAFTA’s in the Short film category.

From a kernel of an idea to numerous script drafts. To multiple rejection by established UK film bodies. From investing savings…to cajoling talented people to jump on board. From convincing good actors (and untrained) that it’s worth giving time to…to asking them to trapse into a grey winter’s London for a photoshoot, where we make them look injured.

From a harassed facilities manager at a town hall threatening to close us down…to a good natured leading man freezing his ass off on a snowy weekend in East London. From knocking on the door of a house we liked as an exterior…to finding the owner was a mentor of Orlando Bloom and was happy to let us use his lobby.

From dreaming of Kevin Spacey narrating to being turned down by Richard E. Grant…to getting the perfect Paul Freeman, Belloq himself to narrate.

From nervously exposing ourselves into the crowd funding arena of Kickstarter…to becoming a staff pick. From the amazing generosity of friends…to the pride it feels to be backed by total strangers.

From time and again asking ‘Why did we choose to do this’ to the gut-wrench of ‘what if people hate it?!’

From nervously having a few festival refusals…to excitedly being accepted into global festivals we desired.

From all of this…to Official confirmation of acceptance into the BAFTA’s in short film…we won’t win anything (and frankly don’t care) but the journey has been great and to get the results we have is well worth the effort.

Well done all!


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