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Last year was an eventful year for the world (both good and bad). Studio Hansa had a similar year whereby one of our key members had to step back with a life-threatening illness, understandably this was both a very sad and stressful time for all involved. But we’re still standing and are extremely excited to continue working with progressive and loyal clients with a growing crew of new clients and collaborators.

2017 sees us working as what we call “Studio Hansa 2.0” – things are brighter, we’ve created a lot of new work that we are immensely proud of and are currently embarking on significant fund-raising in the pursuit of creating our own TV show (see below for press pack and event details).

We’re looking forward to continuing the year as we have started it. Thanks for reading and please take a look at what we’ve been up to and if you want to get on board for departure, jump on in!


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