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Paramount+ Brand Toolkit


With the demand for streaming services, we worked in collaboration with Voyager and Paramount+ to create their new motion graphics brand toolkit. Briefed for a wide range of marketing platforms, this toolkit was designed to meet a plethora of broadcast, social and online requirements. This was going to be a mountain of assets for the peak of entertainment.

Incorporating so many elements to one file highlighted a real consideration to their in-house team; a team who would be working from this master After Effects file to roll out the marketing on an ongoing basis for a wide variety of platforms, campaigns and deadlines. As a result we worked extensively to empower the Paramount+ staff by building new control layers with dynamic links, and forming a clean file structure with documentation. These and other fine details allow anyone to be able to pick it up quickly and use with ease.

In the process we also were able to revamp and re-appropriate their existing Paramount brand graphics, keeping them familiar to audiences, consistent across territories, and effective on every platform. As the production giant rolled out their marketing strategy, it was fantastic to see these assets in so many areas of daily life – and effectively represent the new service.

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