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Network 4 Rebrand


We undertook a brand refresh for the ‘channel 4’ family in Hungary (comprised of Story4, Film4, TV4, Arena4 and Galaxy4), which required a new logo design, brand architecture, graphic mechanism, and suite of idents for each channel.

As part of the creative execution, a series of living dioramas were created that use the brand mark as a mini-world upon which a myriad of scenes play-out. These exemplify each channel’s distinct genre content and give a wealth of details to be immersed in, regardless of how many times you’ve watched it.

Here, amongst other things, we created epic Egyptian ruins, an ‘Endeavour’ inspired 60’s cops ‘n robbers shoot out , ‘Desperate Housewives’ style pastel suburbia, Victorian science lab and ‘Greys Anatomy’ inspired set of objects.

 This project also required a comprehensive brand audit and redesign as we moved away from “Digital Media and Communications” to Network/4. In modernising their parent brand, a huge array of distinctive traits were established, such as type, colour and shape.

Expanding this branding to the family of channels, our core thinking was that the logo marque should be an evolution not revolution. A well curated “Branded House”. As a result we built the brand architecture around the 33 degree angle of the existing brand 4 and it’s distinctive curves.

The result is a beautifully reductive, bold and confident brand that is easily implemented.
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