BBC – Mirrors


We had the honour of collaborating closely with the Executive Producers over at the BBC for a new learning initiative. Working collaboratively from concept stage proposing a suite of content designed to engage and elicit a response from the target audience. Another key thing in this brave new world of multi-device accessed content was that the work was created with vertical (mobile) viewing in mind.

We came up with the concepts ‘ANTI-Natal’ and ‘Mirrors’.

Mirrors, named after the Mirroring body language and verbal communication tests for babies in those early formative months. The purpose of the films is to highlight the importance of engaging in conversation with babies from a very early age - and the impact this can have upon their future development.

We devised and created 3 little stories around a character that is ignored as if he doesn’t exist. Ultimately this is a bold interpretation to reinforce the profound effects of not engaging with your children.