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Gorgeous Threads

Primark Cares

Partnering with Continuous, we produced a series of expressive hands-on tutorials for Primark’s Repair, Rewear, Relove project. Evolving their existing campaign style, we designed, scripted, animated and directed films to guide anyone and everyone through the basics of clothing repair, and wear their favourite Primark pieces again.

The eight easy-to-follow tutorials cover a variety of topics, from how to thread a needle to the many kinds of stitches, zips and buttons. Prioritising fun and accessibility for all viewers abilities, the tutorials were made from a mix of charming animations, entertaining visualisations of the script, and first person perspective filming.

Reaching as many viewers as possible, all films had bitesize social versions motivating people to repair their clothes, as well as an array of translations for stores around the world. Originally produced in English with a male and female voice actors, translations included German, Dutch, French and Spanish subtitles.

See one of the episodes below!

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