Magical Bones: The Series – Titles

Hands Free Productions

As part of our ’Magical Bones: The Series' show, currently in serious discussions for full episodic production and therefore confidential, we invested quite a bit of time in creating a suitably grand title sequence to befit the ambitious scale of the show. We wanted to share the extended version and ‘making of' in their own right.

Magical Bones has always been proposed a a kind of everyday urban superhero - A guy who walks the streets that can create superhuman illusions. To match this our inspiration behind the titles ranged from as simple as catching contemporary graphic zeitgeist in styling to an eye-catching super heroic mystical being on fire, somersaulting over building tops and as a dance leader for a gang of robots and a three-point landing ‘spidey’ style into a tornado of playing cards.

Who wouldn't love a bit of Saturday Night Fever, I, Robot and Dark Knight fusion?!