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Global Branding


As an internationally iconic name, bringing Paramount to the streaming market meant simplifying decades of brand evolution into it’s most recognisable and consistent form. Working with Voyager across a global rebrand, we created consolidated libraries of print, digital and motion assets to meet each territory’s needs. To suit the print, digital and broadcast needs these came in the form of revised 3D assets, extensive motion toolkits and new print templates.

Earning the reputation as an exciting streaming service, attention to motion design was crucial. It required both “de-branding” for clear recognition across every territory, ensuring we didn’t distract from the entertainment being advertised, and using eye-catching energy to be memorable at just a glance.

Incorporating so many elements across so many international teams, highlighted a real consideration to the people using these assets; teams who would be rolling out content on an ongoing basis for a wide variety of platforms, campaigns and deadlines. As a result we carefully assessed what formats, file structures and documentation would empower them the most. These and other fine details allow anyone to be able to pick it up quickly and use with ease.

As the production giant has pushed these 3D, print and motion pieces out, it has been fantastic to see these them in so many areas of daily life – and effectively represent the new service. This is a mountain of assets designed to showcase the peak of entertainment.

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