RD:IR briefed us to overhaul its existing brand identity and to create a methodology that focuses on the consultancy strengths of the investor relation’s business. We streamlined the business offerings through renaming and redefining the business areas, revitalising the logo and creating unified iconography for the business documentation and online presence.

The new identity speaks to their bold vision of providing IR services based on classic values of solid research and in-depth analysis, but in the context of modern market practice, structures and technology. The new iconography combines the simple truths of basic mathematics with elements of modern graphical design.


"Studio Hansa helped me realise through their design my ambition"

The team at Studio Hansa helped me realise through their design my ambition of refreshing our brand with characterful use of colours and graphics. They worked with me in a sensitive and thoughtful way to realise my goal of bringing new life and vitality to our styling across our public facing channels, reflecting our corporate values in a contemporary manner.

Richard Davies

Founder & Managing Director