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This is Bradford

The University of Bradford

We recently wrote and directed a dynamic film to promote the University of Bradford’s International post-graduate courses. We’re pleased to share our Director’s Cut.
Shot during lockdown as part of our colleagues at psLondon’s wider campaign, it was a really tricky brief to answer in that all cast had to be bonafide post-grad students currently studying at Bradford (made tougher by the pandemic). They also had to represent a spread of specific ethnicities and target demographics whilst illustrating factually accurate specific courses – no fictional bending of the rules to cast here.
Luckily we managed to connect with some vivacious, bright and enthusiastic post-grads that worked with us over a number of months as the second wave tightened it’s grip. As the lockdown rules evolved we felt like one well-entrenched zoom-connected family who ultimately convened to shoot a Covid-compliant (but on-screen Covid invisible) representation of the hard work that goes into achieving a post-grad degree abroad.
Shot with anamorphic lenses, integrating smart vfx and a stylised mixed ratio presentation, we think the film portrays Bradford as an exciting, contemporary establishment to achieve your career dreams.
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